About Us

We are a corporate organization driven by the mission to provide innovative solutions to real life challenges through research and project management. Our interests span across several critical areas, including food security, health and education, and our products and services are built around these core themes.

At GIBAH, we pride ourselves on being highly skilled and goal-oriented, with a deep commitment to maintaining sustainable relationships with our valued customers, shareholders, and employees. We believe that our efforts towards building these relationships should translate into the development of the nation at large.

GIBAH Integrated Resources Ltd is a corporate organization registered in Nigeria with the CAC (RC:1815029 and TIN 23961973-0001).


The success of a company is hinged to a large extent on its core values. At GIBAH, we have developed a set of core values that have become a way of life and the blood of the company. Our core values include:

  • Customer-centredness: Our customers come first and this reflects in the way we listen to and support them to achieve their project goals.
  • Integrity: We show integrity in the quality of our work, the process of doing business and in managing difficult situations.
  • Commitment: To adopt state-of-the-art technologies in the design, development and management of accessible and affordable organic food at all seasons.
  • Timeliness: We understand that time is money and we do everything possible to deliver on time.
  • Excellence: Staying relevant means we have to autograph everything we do with a touch of excellence. We go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.
  • Accountability: We show our customers every detail of the process and carry them long every step of the way.

Our Mission

  • To design, build and manage client projects effectively, efficiently, accountably and timely.

  • To train and develop human capacity in research and project management across the globe.

  • To provide quality food, health and educational products to our client

Our Vision

To become one of the most reputable and credible research, and project management organizations in the world.