Aquaponics Systems

GIBAH Integrated Resources Ltd is a rapidly growing company specialized in the design, construction, management and maintenance of AQUAPONICS systems for individuals and companies. We also consult for and train individuals in research in order to increase human capacity for solving real world problems.

Due to the rising human population and the rapid loss of land for agricultural development, food insecurity is fast becoming a global crisis as evident by the rising cost of food stuffs in the market. GIBAH emerged out of the need to tackle this crisis using a technology driven food production system known as AQUAPONICS. Most traditional farms around the world rely on the right season for the right crop but with AQUAPONICS, there is no such barrier as season or soil lacking nutrients. It is more like taking total control of your farm without the mercies of the weather and the soil. It solves the problem of environmental pollution. It also adds to the variety of foods available in community markets especially during times of scarcity. So you can have fun with healthy eating all year round without even stepping out of your compound or having a quarrel with a neighbour. It is simply life made simple.

Aquaponics is a single system that allows the simultaneous growing of plants and rearing of fish. Aquaponics is simply a method for producing food in an urban environment. It is a sustainable method for providing a source of healthy, fresh, and cost effective protein and vegetables to the local community, while providing job and educational opportunities for citizens.

Poultry Farming

We are also specialized in the design of the most technology-driven poultry system characterized by the use of advanced technological tools and processes to optimize production and ensure the health and well-being of birds.

Cooking Oil Production

The company uses technology-driven machineries to produce high grade cooking oil. Our system is perfectly built for a seamless extraction, processing, and packaging of edible oils for use in cooking and food preparation. We have a network that makes sourcing of raw materials, such as seeds, nuts, or fruits that are rich in oil content.

Food Exports

We are focused on exporting a wide range of food products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, dairy products, grains and cereals. Our competitive advantage in this line of business are as follows:

  • Knowledge and experience: Our export team have a good understanding of the food industry, the export market, and the regulations and requirements involved in exporting food products.
  • Network and partnerships: We have and are continuing to expand relationships with suppliers, logistics providers, and buyers in the Europe, America and Asia.
  • Financial resources: We are continuing to invest financial resources to cover the costs of product sourcing, logistics, marketing, and sales, as well as potential risks and contingencies.
  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability: We are sensitive to the cultural and social norms of our target market and adapt our products and marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: We have a legal team that helps the company comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the exporting countries, such as customs duties, taxes, and licenses.
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